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Equipped with its own production structure, Contec designed and implemented simple transport systems for bulk and packaged products in the most varied production sectors. Over the years the company has been able to impose its brand making it become a point of reference for the Italian market.


2022-07-02 10:33

Founded by a group of technicians with over 15 years of experience, Uteco initially dealt with consulting and planning by entrusting the construction of the systems to external workshops. In 1985 the company set up its own production structure, starting a process of rapid growth that in just a few years led it to establish itself in the field of the construction of complete systems for the most diverse product sectors.

During this process Uteco has turned its attention to the most advanced automations, applying new construction technologies to the handling of products and creating palletizing systems with Cartesian axes and high performance anthropomorphic robots.


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The acquisition of the Contec brand by Uteco and the creation of the industrial group still in use dates back to this period.

Uteco-Contec develops to the point of needing a larger, modern and functional office, which in 2005 is identified in that of Campogliano consisting of a 2,500 square meter workshop, and an office area of ​​500 square meters.

It was the year following the creation of an electrical / electronic department able to develop pc and plc software specifically dedicated to the company’s products that complete and optimize the growth process.

This enhanced Uteco-Contec has further increased its presence on the markets, participating in international exhibitions, taking part in conferences and presenting itself with articles and advertisements on the most important trade magazines.

2008 and 2009 saw the company expand its interests to the urban and hospital waste sectors as well as the strategic automotive sector, which allowed it to build installations in different countries of the world.

It is therefore the turn of entry into the sector of automated warehouses from the ‘main player’, presenting itself to the markets with the design and construction of lifting elevators and miniloads for the storage of light and heavy goods in automated warehouses; sector in which today the company is able to offer turnkey solutions.

In addition, lines with self-propelled machines for the management of high flows in the warehouse head have been designed and built.

From 2012 to 2017 The process of increasing internationalization has allowed Useco-Contec to acquire sales agencies that represent it in numerous countries of the world, effectively supported by internal resources.


2022-07-02 10:33

In February 2018 Uteco-Contec celebrates the 50th anniversary of its birth, celebrated with a renewed company logo.
At the same time it decides to further expand its premises with an additional 1,400 square meters to be used as assembly area and an additional 100 square meters of office to be dedicated to after-sales service, a strategic area for customer support both in Italy and abroad.

Uteco-Contec thus structured has the skills and the ideal size to be considered a reference company in the industrial automation sector.


2022-07-02 10:33

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