Warehouse shuttle technology has significantly evolved in recent years, in order to speed up and streamline the sorting of handled goods

This system allows straight routes to be set up and guarantee greater transfer speed; it is usually used as a system to connect automated warehouses to picking and/or shipping areas. This product, in continuous evolution, is used in different types of systems, guaranteeing high performance and precise
positioning at room temperature or at temperatures as low as -30°C.

The evolution in the field of shuttles has allowed UTECO CONTEC to develop a system of steering EMS mobile units, defined as “Shuttle Rail System” (SRS).

It is essentially a system composed of a monorail circuit which a number of fast shuttles run on, independently of each other. This system allows routes to be set up that are not necessarily straight, and that ensure greater transfer speed between the various areas of the system thanks to the independence of the shuttles installed on the rail. It is commonly used in systems that connect automatic warehouses and picking and/or sending areas.