Elevators and Lowerators

With many years of experience in the industry, UTECO CONTEC can design and manufacture elevators and lowerators for every need, ranging from platform elevators, to those with continuous platforms, capable of fulfilling any need to change the level of handling both loose and packaged goods, through solutions that are always competitive and on the cutting edge of technology.


All our machines are equipped with the most evolved safety systems and can be fitted with automatic loading and unloading systems so that they can be integrated into any production process.

Sturdiness, reliability and speed are the distinguishing characteristics of the conveyor elevators manufactured by UTECO CONTEC. These allow different types of LUs, from lightweight (boxes, bins, sacks, crates) to heavy ones (pallets, caissons, etc.), to be handled on various levels or work surfaces

Continuous platform elevators/lowerators are used to move products between two different levels, in conditions of limited space, ensuring high performance.
Depending on customer requirements, UTECO CONTEC manufactures continuous platform elevators/ lowerators suitable for different LUs, from heavy pallets to lightweight products.